The Job Search

Are you still hunting for a job and not having any success. Do you think there are jobs out there or is the economy just put a halt to everything?

I’ve been in the business of recruiting and career counseling since 1998 and I still believe there are jobs out there – however, you need to have a defined strategy to find them.

For starters, did you know about 60-70 percent of all jobs aren’t even advertised? With that in mind, you have to develop a strategy to locate the job of your dreams.  Here a few steps to get you started:

  1. Define the companies you would like to work for (Don’t worry if there aren’t any jobs advertised). I use a list of about 80+ different factors in considering each company – everything from salary to their company culture.
  2. Develop a list of everyone you know – from your closest friends and colleagues to the dry cleaners down the street.
  3. Compare your list of everyone you to know to the list of the companies you’d like to work at and determine if there is any connection. It’s always better to have a “warm lead” compared to a “cold one.” Use that person or a person they know who works at the company to help you get inside.

Remember, that is just the first step, in future blogs we will discuss the importance of having a quality resume, what the employer is looking for in an interview and most of all how to effectively negotiate your salary and the consequences if you don’t.

We will even discuss the value of social media like Facebook, Twitter and and how to effectively use them in your search for the job of your dreams.

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